OUR Services

planning, milling and vacuum infusion

We offer tailor-made complete solutions in the composite industry – planning, milling and vacuum infusion. Our goal is to create added value, better solutions and quality for our customers. We are constantly looking for faster and more environmentally friendly methods for our production.


It all starts with an idea. We offer 3D drawings, planning of the end product and the entire chain from start to finish. We also help the customer to choose the right lamination method and choosing the right method for the design of the molds and plugs.


With our 5-axis, portal CNC milling machine, we can machine surfaces measuring 5.5m (w) x 2.3m (h) x 15m (l) in one piece. We can process everything from styrox to finnfoam, various core materials, wood and veneer, polyester or epoxy paste and reinforced plastic (fiberglass reinforced plastic, GRP).

Vacuum infusion

A well-done infusion job gives better laminate than pre-preg because it can remove air from the laminate by 99% (voids). It is important to choose the right material and layout. We perform infusion work with both fiberglass and carbon fiber with different resins such as vinyl ester and expoxy. By doing a detailed infusion job, we minimize the finishing work and save weight. The advantage of vacuum infusion is that there is no need for an oven when choosing the right type of resin.

What is composite?

Composite is a material that is manufactured using two or more materials that do not alone have the properties that the finished and desired material, composite, acquires. By combining these two or more materials, they thus together form the best possible material. In our area, the colloquial name for composite is fiberglass. Actually, composite should be dubbed reinforced plastic. When fiberglass is combined with resin, reinforced plastic is formed. A cured resin is brittle and requires reinforcement to obtain the properties expected of the material.

Why use composite materials?

Composite as a material is light, strong and durable, it does not rust or oxidize. It is relatively easy to manufacture even difficult forms of composite. The material is also affordable and versatile. When you make vehicles from reinforced plastic, you save on the environment because the product becomes lighter and thus requires less energy to move. A product made of composite is also durable when you protect the product against strong acids and UV radiation with the help of surface treatment. Composite can also be repaired and corrected.

Why choose MMI Company?

We are innovative, flexible and have a long experience in the composite industry. We care about the customer’s conditions to use our products and services, i.e. use of the end product itself.

Who does MMI Company serve?

For companies that need to solve problems in the composite industry. For anyone who needs expertise in composite solutions. This can be boats, ship equipment, aircraft, construction, infrastructure, transport or spacecraft. Do not hesitate to contact us!