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Håkan Sundelin
CEO / Sales
+358 50 5597 198
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Håkan Sundelin comes from a business family where they worked in the carpentry industry. He started with CNC milling over 30 years ago. Håkan is a trained telephone fitter and computer engineer and after the army and his studies he worked as a programmer at ABB Vaasa. In 2001, Sundelin switched industries to the composite industry and began developing an injection line for NCE. In 2005, Håkan started working as a quality manager for Baltic and after Baltic became quality assured, he worked as production manager. In 2011, he returned to NCE to manufacture the world’s largest composite wind turbine blade at the time. He also worked as a project manager and product developer for a new composite parts production line for Ballast Water Treatment Systems. During his long career, Håkan has also performed composite inspections for various companies. In 2018, Håkan left NCE and started MMI Company.