ISO 9001

We want to ensure the quality of our routines because it is important that the work process is carried out in the same way every time. Plan – do – check – act.


ISO 14001

We strive to use as little raw material as possible but still produce products and services based on our customers’ needs. We also strive to reuse materials as much as possible.


ISO 45001

We prevent injuries and accidents through our safe and well thought out work processes. We keep order in our work spaces. We ensure that our machines and equipment are in such a condition that they are safe to use. A clean work environment ensures a safe and smooth workflow.

Certification has been important in creating routines for our internal processes. The routines are created to minimize waste, reuse materials and work in a safe way – ”All the time with safety in focus”. We have undergone a process to create our own safety manual. Certification also enables the development of our own operations to include collaborations with larger companies and new industries whose quality standard is high.