with years of experience and
knowledge in the composite industry

MMI Company Ab Oy was founded in December 2018 by Håkan Sundelin and his brothers and their father. Together, they have over 100 years of experience in the composite industry. The abbreviation ”MMI” stands for Mill, Mold and Infusion. MMI Company mainly manufactures forms of fiberglass for use in everything from the boat industry to the production of floorball clubs. Our experienced project managers, production workers and machine operators ensure that we meet our customers wishes. The choice of our partners and suppliers is made in accordance with our values and our business philosophy: ”Honesty, Environmental friendliness, Community and Quality”.

Our values


The foundation of our entire business. We take the extra steps to ensure that the customer gets a working and good end product. Within the company, we are straightforward and we talk and listen to each other.

Environmental friendliness

An obvious matter of great importance. All companies today should think about the environment. We have also undergone a long certification process to be able to demonstrate environmental friendliness and make our processes as environmentally friendly as possible.


Our entire business is based on collaboration. Without our team and our partners, production will stop the next day. We are often told that ”You seem to have fun while you work!”.


We make the right quality for the right customer. We always want to go a little beyond the customer’s expectations. The quality of our products and services is maintained and assured with developed routines in our business system.

Our philosophy
Our 5 step business philosophy »
1.Our business
We are always looking for simpler, faster and more environmentally friendly methods in the production of our products and services. Through continuous improvements and an open dialogue with our customers, our staff and partners, we optimize our processes to master class.
2.Our customers
We offer our special knowledge and expertise for the customer's best thanks to our long and versatile experience in the composite industry. We are sensitive to the customer's needs and expectations and create added value for the customer with better solutions and quality.
3.Our staff
We are a family business that invests in the staff's professionalism, health and well-being. Good leadership encourages personal responsibility, a friendly attitude and open communication with us.
4.Environment and safety
Our business is characterized by a high level of environmental awareness. We minimize the load of environment and natural resources through recycling of materials and products. We are constantly developing the work environment and routines to create a safe and secure workplace for staff and counteract ill health.
5.Our partners and suppliers
We choose partners and suppliers who work according to our values and business philosophy: quality, fellow human beings, environment and safety. We follow and comply with the authorities' laws and requirements and set a positive example of companies.
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